cheung pooi yip

Artist Information

 cheung pooi yip


Cheung's artistic signature is his unique and prominent way of utilizing brushstrokes to define shapes, scapes and objects into a rich fabric of colour, patterns and movement.

A constantly evolving artist, even in his golden years Cheung continues to embark on exploring various facets of art with all the vivacity of youth. This positive enthusiasm is reflected in the dynamism of his paintings and the polarity of his brushstrokes; at times haphazard and lively, and at others composed and purposeful. What is persistent is the expression of the artists energy and the accumulation of his artistic wisdom and knowledge, encapsulated in every detail.

Painting primarily with oils and acrylics, Cheung's semi-abstract works depicting Malaysian landscapes, his love for nature, lifestyle and cultures are made all the richer through Cheung's way of perceiving colours, which is as unique as his technical skills are precise. Cheung applies a minute amount of complimentary colours to a dominant colour on his paintings, achieving a trademark aesthetic fusion. His colours come from the heart and reflect his personality, resulting in bursts and sweeps of harmonious hues.

A self-taught artist, Cheung was not constrained by any conventional schooling. Previously, he was a figurative painter influenced by the then-popular Nanyang style but as he gained more experience, his oeuvre grew to contain a freer, more expressive manner. To him, aesthetics and philosophy are the key concepts in art.