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 yusof ghani


b. 1950, Johor, Malaysia

Yusof Ghani was born in 1950, Johor, West Malaysia. He studied at George Mason University, Virginia, USA and obtained his Bachelor of Fine Art (Graphic Art). He continued to study Fine Art and obtained his Master of Fine Art from the Catholic University of America, Washington DC, USA. He began his teaching career at UiTM Shah Alam and holding the position of Associate Professor, Fine Art Department.

Yusof has produced five main series of works based on human figures and landscapes. Tari (1984-91), Topeng (1992-96), Wayang (1996-98), Hijau (1998-2002), Segerak (2002-2005), and Biring (2005-2007). He is a master in abstract expressionism, almost perfect in his execution of lines, in variety of movements and positions. His strong brush strokes and the use myriad of colours is a strong element in all his works. He is conscious of the ever changing world around him, and all his works have something to say about people’s reaction to their circumtances and environment. His works provoke his viewers to think and to reflect and react accordingly!

From 1981 to 2006, Yusof participated in more than 120 solo and group exhibitions in Singapore, Japan, San Francisco, Washington DC, USA, and Malaysia.

He has published six (6) books to date, and took part in many seminars in Malaysia and overseas. His works can be found in major corporate offices and private homes in Malaysia and other parts of the world.