khoo cheang jin

Artist Information

 khoo cheang jin


Architect-artist Khoo specialises solely in watercolour and the innovation of the medium via exploring other mediums such as acrylics and inks.

Growing up in a city environment, Khoo is able to capture and define the gritty splendour and weathered beauty of urban life in cities as varied as Egypt, Bali, Burma, China, Cambodia and of course, Malaysia. The exquisite blend of architectural preciseness and cultural sensitivity recounts the lifestyle of the inhabitants of the city he paints. His passion and expertise in built objects gives his main subjects of old buildings and streetscapes technical accuracy and aesthetic gravity.

Khoo paints outdoors in good weather and chooses his subjects based on its charm and whether it piques his interest. He experimented with inks to complement his watercolours later in his career and has fine tuned it so that the weight of each inked line completes the intensity and solidity of each painting. Khoo uses acrylics as a base to achieve a myriad of effects: the textured surfaces of buildings, the furled clouds of a heavy sky and even to give the artwork an overall granular quality that adds to the sense of nostalgia.

In Xi-Di in Rain, China, this masterpiece embodies all of Khoo's efforts and achievements in the advancement of watercolours as a medium.

In all of Khoo's paintings is a reminder that the appreciation of buildings is not limited to monuments of grandeur, as one can even find beauty in a humble structure or aged building. Khoo intends to continue innovating watercolours and plans to explore figurative works in future.