choo beng teong

Artist Information

 choo beng teong


Possessing both an eye and a hand for capturing detail, Choo's painstakingly rendered watercolours of local birds of all shapes, shades, species and sizes make them seem to come alive on paper.

Painstaking in more ways than one; depicting avian life in such intricacy required Choo to be an expert and patient photographer, to photograph the birds he has to travel deep into jungles and up into mountains, to accurately paint them he needs to show the birds in their natural habitats down to the very last dew drop. Choo endeavours to showcase the distinctive characteristics of each genus he paints, so much so that even the plainest of birds become lively through his brush.

Choo chose birds as his professional subject due to their variety and colours, and his goal of documenting all 650 species in Malaysia alone requires much time and effort. His favourite birds are kingfishers and raptors due to their colours and majesty, respectively. Currently, he is completing his series on the elusive kingfishers.

Before painting, Choo selects the best of his own photographs of that particular species and a good photo is often difficult to acquire. He frequents popular bird-watching destinations such as Frasers Hill and travels between land and shore to photograph rainforest birds to sea birds.

Choo finds inspiration in the works of New Zealand artist Raymond Ching, and wildlife artist JF Landsdowne. Through his paintings, Choo intends to raise awareness amongst the public about the rich variety of local birdlife and to that end he aims to publish a compilation of his works.