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Marketplace Rules and Fees

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Welcome to malaysia 1st online secondary marketplace for art lovers, conventionally after u bought the artworks, either u hang it up on your walls or end up keeping in the store room after u get bored with it  :)

art purchase can be a serious financial burden because it can be very illiquid when u try to cash it out!!

now things change, we are here to provide a very user friendly platform for u to list the artworks u want to sell, trade, or what your want to buy.

-just sign-up and login to become a member before u post your ads and attach pics of your artworks, all these is free of charge!!!

Disclaimer on the use of market place

Please post only artworks and artworks related items for sale or trade. The Market is provided for the convenience of our Members and visitors. By using the Market, you agree that the site, owner and moderators are held harmless in all transactions and you use the Market at your own risk, we merely provide a platform for members to communicate, the ultimate sales decision is entire yours, we do not know the seller or the buyer, therefore should there be any monetary lost in the transaction, we can never be held responsible. Know your seller! For that matter, know your buyer... :)

some clear tips, stay away from unbelievable good deal, if someone is selling the hussein enas for $2000, u run!!! don't walk :)

always ask about the return policy and get familar with what u are buying, and most importantly trying to do your own pickup.

Marketplace rules and fees 

Zero insertion fees for the ads, however we will be charging a token % on the "final transacted price".

-for the 1st $5000 rm, the rate is 5%, subsequent will be at flat 2%.

ie $2000x5%= $100,

if your artwork sold for $10,000, then it is $5000x5%= 250 + $5000x2%= 100, total $350 

once transaction completed, pls email the owner This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for payment details to pay your fees via direct bank in into our maybank account, should u refuse or fail to pay the fees, u will not be allow to post anymore as we need the fees to run the site.

-u are requested to follow up on your ads once the artworks was sold or u have found your artworks.

-each member is allow 3 ads per day, pls combine your artworks into the same thread.

-no fake, grey of anykind is allowed, if the artworks has been touched up pls disclose it.

-seller are required to state down clearly the dimension, medium used and year made of the painting if it is available, site provenance will help to sell your paintings, also include your email and telephone contact for the ease of communication, post a good pics( through the photobucket free service) will help sell the paintings faster than u describe them in a thousand words.

-seller must state the return policy clearly in the ads. 

-of course seller must clearly stated the price( in what currency), if u have a painting to trade, pls establish a value for yours.

-no blanket want to buy ads example ' i want to buy cheap painting" :)


thks and pls help make this marketplace the most exciting and the most transparent one!!! 


warmest regards 










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